Using Bible-based principles, we are committed to serving God, through praise and worship.  
We aspire to strengthen 
each person's confidence and
joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in their life, and encourage personal 
and spiritual growth, through our music ministry.

Established around October, 2009; 
a group of 6 women, who were previously, 
in another group, 
sang at a local church's special event. 
After that "one-time" sing along 
and a luncheon, 
we jointly decided to form our own choir,
with a Jazzy-Bluesy/R & B kind of style. 

Over the last seven years,God has blessed us with several new members, totaling 15,
representing 10 different churches.  

We continue to grow... not only in numbers,
but also in our walk with the Lord...

 If you'd like to join our unique group,
please see our contact page,
for rehearsal info.

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